Ron Joseph

Architecture Planning Interiors
520 Corporate Center
Bellevue, Washington

The office park consists of three 2-story, 30,000sq.ft. buildings on a hillside view location.  The developer requested numerous building corners to provide potential corner offices that appeal to smaller tenants.  The developer also requested  a steel-framed brick-walled building; however, to meet the budget, the contractor suggested cladding tilt-up concrete bearing wall panels with brick facing, as was done with factory pre-cast concrete.  On this project, brick was cut length-wise to make two thinner bricks, and cast into the concrete panels before tilting. This was the first time this technique was used for site cast tilt-up concrete walls in the United States.

The unique inlaid brick process involved laying the cut brick face down on the floor slab, separated by extruded rubber separators (that formed a raked mortar joint appearance).  The brick was laid in typical running bond and as soldiers (verticals) along with some offsets from the wall face.   The brick "cores" key into the concrete that is poured over the brick after reinforcing bars are positioned.

Concept Aerial view