Ron Joseph

Architecture Planning Interiors
Cabot Plaza III & IV
Bellevue, Washington

The 152,000sq.ft. three-story office complex was designed as a speculative office building for multi-tenant use, but was leased prior to construction completion to a single tenant for use as their headquarters.   The complex consists of two 3-story office buildings separated by a landscaped courtyard and a one-story 6,000sq.ft.wing intended for restaurant use.  The office buildings' floor plans, an "L" shape that also includes upper floor exterior decks, are based on Cabot Plaza II built a couple years earlier.   The steel moment framed buildings are clad on the exterior with a concealed mullion curtainwall system containing dark gray insulated vision glass and faux granite glass spandrels.   The lobbies are finished with rosewood panels, granite, and  a granite-look composite.  the roof-top HVAC units are enclosed by walls matching the buildings curtainwalls. The entire site was landscaped with relatively mature landscaping from the start and a grass and shrub berm encircles the base of the buildings.