Ron Joseph

Architecture Planning Interiors
Crowne Plaza Hotel
Anchorage, Alaska
The 165 room hotel's first floor contains the meeting rooms ,restaurant, lounge, swimming pool, fitness area and lobby/reception with all guest rooms and suites in the upper floors.   The building's structural system consists of a cast concrete first floor and five floors of  wood-framed construction resulting in the maximum code permitted height for a wood-framed building.  This system provided significant savings over a conventional steel or concrete frame, or concrete masonry bearing wall building.  The exterior cladding is brick veneer and EIFS.  To fit the site, the original prototype plans were modified to a longer building with an offset corridor to shorten its visual length and the first floor was also revised.  The hotel started as a Holiday Inn and was upgraded during construction to a Crowne Plaza accommodating the owner-operator's business decision.  A top floor Concierge Room was added and other interior and exterior changes were made.