Ron Joseph

Architecture Planning Interiors
Hyatt Place Hotel (in permitting)
Anchorage, Alaska

Starting with a 4-story "U" shaped prototype floor plan provided by Hyatt, the owner-developer-operator requested an "Alaskan look" for this 126 room hotel.
the hotel includes pool house, meeting rooms, fitness room and restaurant &lounge. Sloped metal roofs were added as well as an oversized truss supporting the illuminated lantern (glazed attic space).  The glass topped timbers on wood peeler posts replaced the contemporary look of the prototype porte cochere.   Additionally, wood "half-log" veneer (or wide wood board siding) and stone veneer replaces wall materials used at various wall locations in the prototype.  The upper walls are jointed EIFS.
Hyatt reviewed the design and considers it to be a an approved prototype for other franchisees seeking a "Northwest look".