Ron Joseph

Architecture Planning Interiors
Wolf Point (unbuilt)
Chicago, Illinois
[Ron Joseph prior personal experience as Architectural Project Designer with Knight Architect-Engineers
Chicago, Illinois]

Wolf Point was a mixed use tower designed in a closed competition between two of the largest architect-engineer firms in Chicago (SOM and Knight).   Kennedy Family Interests, owner of the 9 acre riverfront site in downtown Chicago (across the street from their 4,000,000sq.ft. Merchandise Mart) conducted the competition.  Edward Mate project manager for one of the design firms hired Ron Joseph, a young architect, to co-design the project with him.    Ron had been a senior designer on Mate's staff in a previous office.   The project consisted of a 53-story, 3,700,000sq.ft tower consisting of 1,000,000sq.ft. exhibit space, 500,000sq.ft. office space, 500 hotel guest rooms, 200 condominium apartments, athletic club, ballroom/exhibition rooms, retail, restaurants, 20-floor atrium, below grade parking floors and marina.

Plaza Level Plan
Building Section